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Where to find the Best Crafts Materials

Hello! I'm sharing a post on where to find all sorts of crafts materials! I have been to all this crafts shop and I do love what they have. It's all more than what you need, from hand crafts to hobby craft like sewing, felting, clay crafts and many more. Best for all the crafts… Continue reading Where to find the Best Crafts Materials

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Zipper Pouch For Sale!

Hello everyone! I'm selling my very first project which I had made it myself. I'm selling different design, zipper pouch. Just some basic ones for the first time! The sizes are 8 x 5", 9 x 5" some turn out to be small size, but able to store cards and notes too! The zipper are… Continue reading Zipper Pouch For Sale!

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  Crochet Hooks / Needle Crochet Hooks come with different sizes and materials, such as Wood, Plastic, Aluminium, Bamboo and Steel. The sizes is assign by the diameter of the hook’s shaft. It create stitches of a certain size in order to reach a particular gauge specified in a given pattern. For preferred hooks to […]


(CRAFTS) Crochet For Beginner : Little Rolly Amigurumi!

Hello! Welcome to my craft world! recently, I've been busy due to work and I'm lack of time for updating! Sorry for my bad. This time I want to share what I've made. I have made this Little Rolly Amigurumi, is a simple round shape plush. Is like a ball and with cute little eyes… Continue reading (CRAFTS) Crochet For Beginner : Little Rolly Amigurumi!