3 Ways to Improve your English Language


Hello! So here is another post on How to improve your English, just want to share some advise with you from my friend to help improve your English.

My English wasn’t that good.. so I keep try different ways to build up my English speaking and writing.

There are a few ways to try out.

Phone Apps : Grammar

They have Beginner pack to Advanced With practice and test. You can try practice and than do out the test. I quite like this app and I think it really helps. Of cause must be consistent enough, everyday do practice and test. (click on the link to download the app)

Read Book

Reading book is one of the best solution actually. When you read a paragraph, you can see and understand from the words given, and if you are not sure about the words just google it. Start with the children books if you are still beginner or get some simple easy reading books from your local book store. It’s easy! or can just get E book. Try to be consistent to read everyday. But remember, don’t stop half way randomly. Try to finish reading one full passage. So that it’s easy to remember where you stop at, and also you will remember the story better. Try to share with someone else the story you reading after finish one passage.

I have bought some books too, some recommends one like “Charlotte’s Web“, This is a interesting story book and I quite like it. “Men are from Mars, Women are from Venus” is a love story book, this is nice and it’s also helps you to understand love life with men and women. And I love dogs a lot, so I went to buy “Bailey Story” and A Dog’s Purpose”.

Do Assessment

Get Assessment book to do and correct the answers, each time you correct learn from the mistake you did and practice again. Keep doing and you will get it.

The key word here is to read more, do more and you can get it. I’m trying very hard to read and be consistent.. well, it takes time.. just be consistent this is what I can advise you. Some people hate to read or some don’t even read, like me is one of them.. but I can understand cause me myself don’t really read a lot, but I try to read. Every day can just read one passage, get your favourite book and maybe you will be interested to read. Who knows? Just try it yourself :)!

Hope this helps you!


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