Sims Mobile: How to Place a Birthday Cake, Host a Party! (IOS)


How to Place a Birthday Cake, Host a Party! (IOS)

Hello! Here is a post on “How to Place a Birthday Cake” is also known as Hosting a party. But this task suddenly turn out in my game which I didn’t know what’s going on. So I finally figure out how to clear the task and now I would like to share with you!


Go to your side bar, You will see “Parties” Tab. Then click on “Host Party”.

The party will last for 24hrs.


After you host the party, you will be asked to add Decorations items like Banners, Balloons etc. Just add accordingly. And you completed the task for “How to place a Birthday cake.” At the same time you are also hosting a Birthday party!.


The purple balloon will show up on some of the items which can level up the party. Click and do what you like accordingly till the party ends.

You can add friends to contacts too!

It’s goanna be a looong day!




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