(BEAUTY) Veet Sensitive Touch Electric Trimmer *Review!

Body hair can be grown in any of the body, and will makes you look awful if you don’t get them removed. Same goes to eye brows. They don’t look tidy if you don’t get them trim. For people who feel irritated with hair on legs, arms or other parts of the body, you probably have to trim it once or twice a month maybe.

They do have treatment for hair removal, but most of the treatment process range is way too expensive. Explicit that we couldn’t afford such treatment. That’s why most of us, ladies will end up get those electronic shaver or wax. Both won’t be as effective as it seems like.

So, we found out this “Veet Sensitive Touch Electric Trimmer”. Veet is a very popular brand that most of the ladies used for hair removal and etc. Previously, products from Veet, I never get to know any reviews. But this time round Veet have invent product for hair removal. And this time don’t need to be afraid of cuts! You can use this now without any fear of cuts!

Visit here if you want to purchase.

Veet Sensitive Touch Electric Trimmer come with the box:

–          One Beauty styler 

–          One two-sided precision head for eyebrow shaping

–          One bikini trimming head

–          Two comb attachments

–          One styler cap

–          One cleaning brush

–          One beauty pouch

This device runs in AA battery, which include in the box too.

This device come with serval functions, for retail price is $44.90. Somehow, is affordable. But if you are looking for a cheaper price, click the link given.

Photo 18-5-17, 10 07 31 AMPhoto 20-5-17, 3 21 26 PM

Comb attach and the styler cap, all the included item.

Photo 20-5-17, 3 24 56 PM (1)

Two-sided precision head for the eyebrow shaping and trimming and Bikini Trimming Head.

If you want the hair to be completely remove, you can use the Bikini Trimming Head without the Comb attached.

When I first try it, I’m quite scared of the blade. But after a while I find it actually no pain at all when I use it. So I get used to it slowly. I find it good to use and I’m very satisfied with it.

After finish using it, remember to clean it with the brush every time after used. To prevent for hair stuck in the device, and keep it in the pouch after using it.

I highly recommend this product to everyone out there. If you are looking for something like this, just get it and best thing is no risk of cuts. So not to worry and use it with happy results.


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